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2nd - Miracle League Chess Camp - March 2021

Knightingales Chess Academy collaborated with the Miracle League branch of Central Ohio to host its very own chess camp for participants in the Miracle League! To begin, we started with a quick, yet positively fun icebreaker which consisted of the question, "What is your favorite ice cream flavor", and a quick round of guessing the names and faces of renowned chess players globally.

Then we transitioned to learning the basic fundamentals about chess - checks, captures, and threats - these were tested in a competitive kahoot game amongst the miracle league participants!

To finish, we closed with an interactive jam-board where participants could make and edit their own chess "souvenir" of sorts from the camp. They had to pick their favorite chess piece

Overall, the participants (and me of course) had a blast learning chess together, and I look forward to having this event again soon!

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