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April Chess Social - Partnership with Forever Dublin

In April Knightingales Chess Academy collaborated with Forever Dublin to create a fantastic chess social for seniors! To hit it off, we started with an interactive powerpoint presentation that briefly went over the basics of chess (the pieces, how to move them, point value etc), this was further tested with a harrowing game of jeopardy, where 3 teams battled it out for the supreme title of "jeopardy winner"!

Later on, we played a fun but tough (especially for the shorter people) game, where one was tested on their ability to rapidly locate the name of the square and thereby learn "chess notation".

To cap it off, we entered perhaps the most exciting part into our journey today... the chess matches! To determine who would be crowned the "chess champion" of this event we paired the seniors and their respective buddies into pairs of two, and had them play a 10 minute chess game against each other. The winners then faced off in round 2, until eventually Viraj and Tom won their matches!

Huge shoutout to everyone present, and thanks again to the Forever- Dublin League for making this possible :)

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