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Knightingales Chess Camp June 2022 Highlights

Hello and welcome to the free knightingales chess camp of June 2022. In the camp - led by Dhruti shah, a top female chess player in Ohio - we learned about the fundamentals of chess, how to use our pieces in the best possible way, some famous chess players who made chess history, and implemented our knowledge in interactive games and puzzles! Keep reading for more information.

We kicked off this camp with the tricky question of the day... which this time was "Why do we want to learn chess." Participants shared their thought in a fun, comfortable, and pro-learning environment! Eventually, we came to the conclusion that a cardinal way everyone can become better chess players is by learning not just how to use the pieces, but to use them in the best way possible. This my friends is the difference between grandmasters and mere amateurs, and within lies the secret of chess. However, attempting to learn this concept can be quite difficult at first, which is why we start students off with this basic skill right here in the Knightingales chess camp!

Then we put those skills to set as the participants and I faced off against a computer bot using the Petrov's defense. It proved to be a challenging game, but eventually we triumphed by capturing the computer's queen in a fatal fork.

Next, we moved on to the more interactive portion of class; where all the participants competed against each other in the battle of "kahoots" to test their basic chess knowledge of the pieces and their point values.

Finally, to close off this session for today we all made our own jam-boards which contained a detailed description of our favorite piece, its point value, how it moves, and especially how we want to use the pieces during the three stages of chess (opening, middle-game, and endgame). Of course, each jam-board was topped off with an image, and each participant was able to present their lovely slide!

Again, we thank everyone who participated in today's session, and we hope that you keep practicing chess - remember one of the best free accounts to learn more chess can be created through or lichess. Hopefully you learned something new, and continue to be a part of next month's chess camp as well! Last but not least, if you liked my teaching style please contact me at my website and follow my instagram @knightingaleschess! See you soon :)

~ Dhruti Shah

Founder of Knightingales Chess Academy

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