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Miracle League Chess Camp - February 2021

Knightingales Chess Academy has partnered with the Miracle League branch of central Ohio to create its very own chess camp! Participants learned chess, played against each, and connected over this beautiful game :)

To start we had them answer the "question of the day" - namely the vital question "Why do we want to learn about chess?" to which participants gave various responses: however, the fundamental reason why one should partake in this game is simply because one enjoys doing so - this is the philosophy we strive to teach not only in this camp but in the entirety of knightingales chess camp.

Then we tranposed into learning about our first chess topic, namely that of the piece name and point value. To reiterate what we learned and built upon our knowledge - we played an interactive kahoot game to give the event a little competetive edge.

Next, we gave our minds a rest from that mental workout and enjoyed a short but sweet clip from the harry potter chess scene! I must say, what a blast it was :)

To close we made a jam-board as a little momento to remember this chess camp by and showcase the skills we learned today. The participants were given 10 minutes to create a slide about their favorite chess piece and any extraneous info.

All in all, thank you so much for the miracle league foundation of central Ohio for making this possible and to all the participants who brightened my day by coming to this camp. See you soon!

~ Knightingales Chess Academy

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